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Happy Birthday to Titanic Book Club and Titanic Author George Behe

by Terri Bey

Here is a mini-blog for everyone about the Birthday Boy, and our co-founder Geo Behe . George Behe is also the author of such Titanic books as "Voices From the Carpathia," "Those Brave Fellows," and others.

I had the pleasure of meeting George at the 2019 Titanic Conference in Pigeon Forge. He was an amazing person to meet. His knowledge of the RMS Titanic was extensive. I forgot what he discussed in his lecture, but I found him to be a wonderful person to talk about Titanic and about life.

Thank you George for co-founding the Titanic Book Club with our fearless leader, Jill Carlier . I would never have read all these great books or would have met, at least online, some amazing people, thanks to the Book Club. I hope you are well and I hope you have a great birthday and have all the ICE Cream or Birthday cake you want. 😊

Contact :

George Behe and I

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Jill Carlier
Jill Carlier
Aug 04, 2021

That's such a great post and photo!

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