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Titanic Events for April 3, 1912

by Terri Bey

The RMS Titanic arrives in Southampton and is at Berth 44 until April 10th, when she starts her maiden voyage. On the way to Southampton, Titanic's trip is delayed by fog. RMS Titanic passes by Fastnet and Lands End and people in Penzance even get to see the new liner. During her trip to Southampton, RMS Titanic contacts her older sister, the RMS Olympic and reaches a high speed of 23.25 knots.

Titanic Related Media:

Film Recommendation: "A Night to Remember" (1958)

Director: Roy Ward Baker

Stars: Kenneth More, Laurence Naismith

Based on the eponymously titled book by Walter Lord (1955), this is the definitive film about the RMS Titanic's final hours, even though we know much more. The film is seen through the eyes of Second Officer Charles H. Lightoller (Kenneth More), and the Lightoller character even make statements that were made by other officers.

This is a great black and white classic film. The performances are excellent. Michael Goodliffe is awesome as Thomas Andrews, the ship designer who gives Captain Edward J Smith (Laurence Naismith) the bad news about the RMS Titanic. Kenneth More does a wonderful job as Lightoller.

What makes this film stand out is the inclusion of the S.S. Californian, the ship that failed to come to Titanic's aid, despite seeing the rockets.

If I were going to recommend any Titanic movie, it would be this one.

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