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I have been married for almost 10 years (10/07/11) to my wonderful husband Tim. We have 2 girls, Anna and Rachel. I have a relative who survived the Titanic, Madeleine Force Astor. I have been educated in music, and am a music writer/orchestral scorer/pianist/organist and did a 6 volume cd series in the 2000s called To God All Praise and Glory, which are hymns with piano and orchestra/orchestra groups. I also was part of a recording with a former opera singer in 2016, which I composed some of the music and was the pianist for that project. More recently, my husband and I started a business involving real estate, in which I am also an interior designer for that. We have a special interest in early American style architecture and try to incorporate that into design. I have been working on a new recording project, of mostly solo piano, that will probably be released within this next year.


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Melinda Wickam Jaycox

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