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April 2022

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Book of the month for September 2023

"There's Talk of an Iceberg" contains a careful examination of Titanic's attempt to beat the maiden voyage crossing time of her elder sister Olympic. Subsequent chapters examine the possibility that Titanic passed several "early" icebergs prior to encountering the fatal berg at 11:40 p.m.; discusses the expected range of iceberg visibility on the night of April 14; examines fascinating new evidence suggesting that a slight haze might well have existed right above the ocean's surface that night; provides a thorough survey of survivor observations of the size and shape of the fatal iceberg; describes the crew's little-known search for exterior damage on Titanic's outer hull; describes the numerous icebergs seen by survivors in lifeboats before daylight arrived; and discusses a later sighting of human bodies that were seen huddled on the base of an iceberg floating near the disaster site. The author provides plenty of footnoted survivor and crew accounts pertaining to each of these fascinating subjects.


September- "Discovery of Titanic" by Dr. Ballard

November- "11:40: Analysis of Evasive Manoeuvres & Damage Assessment on RMS Titanic"
by Brad Payne

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October- "There's Talk of an Iceberg" by George Behe

December-  "RMS Titanic in 50 Objects" by Bruce Beveridge & Steve Hall

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