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Great news! The Titanic Book Club has partnered with QMI "Restore the Queen Mary" to bring you a special three-day anniversary event.

Tentative Schedule
*Keep checking back, we are still adding details!

Friday 12th April 7pm "Unsinkable movie
Presale tickets can be purchased here: 
*This is an extra addition to our agenda!  You don't have to fly in early for this, unless you want to! -Jill Carlier

Saturday 13th April 2024 (Some people are arriving on Friday the 12th, but most are coming Saturday!)

Lunch options (everyone is on their own for meals/drinks, but we are working on group seating for dinner)

11:00 Promenade Café (Menu)

12:00 Chowder House 12-3 (menu same as Promenade Café

Ships tours: there are several different ones, buy tickets online or onboard, there are discounts if you are staying onboard! Tours & Exhibits (


Visit Models by Tom Varney in the exhibit hall (Need to leave the ship and get back on) opens at 11. Also, the Churchill exhibit (Churchill war room)


Time TBD- Edwardian hat decorating party (We are collecting items such as feathers, dried flowers, glue guns etc.… if you'd like to bring anything!). 

4-7pm Meet and greet in observation bar (buy own drinks) First official event

5-9 Prime rib dinner in the Promenade Café (Menu)


Sunday 14th April, 2024-


Queen Mary's best brunch in town- We are working on seeing if we can as a group.   Reservations are required (locals and folks not staying on the Queen Mary get parking and access to the ship with brunch ticket) Period dress encouraged, we plan to take group photos!


Photos after brunch in observation bar


2:30 members join up in Carpathia Room and settle in!


4:00 Don Lynch VIP author talk. Don will be discussing his books on Titanic and Queen Mary!


5:00- 6:00 Don will be joined by Ellen Mower O'Brien and Judy Prestininzi to talk about being in Cameron's Titanic movie.


Book signing with Don Lynch, and Judy Prestininzi (bring their books if you have them. We believe you can buy Don Lynch's book on the Queen Mary (that he co-authored) in the gift shop. Don also wrote Titanic: An Illustrated History. Judy wrote about what it's like to be a Titanic background actress. See her book HERE. Judy will have some copies onboard, and they are also bringing photos to sell!  Start saving up!

Group photo

5-9 Prime rib dinner in the Promenade Café


6:30pm-9:30pm Titanic Historian "On a Sea of Glass" livestream

Last year's livestream, led by Tom Lynskey (Follow Part-time explorer on YouTube), included authors Tad Fitch, J. Kent Layton, and Bill Wormstedt -- the historians behind the books 'On a Sea of Glass: The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic' and 'Recreating Titanic and Her Sisters: A Visual History


They were honored to be joined by special guests Ken Marschall, renowned artist and the foremost visual historian of the Titanic and her sisters; George Behe, historian, author, and Titanic Book Club co-founder; and Alex Moeller, the digital artist and animator behind his documentaries "The Full Story of the S.S. Atlantic: 150th Anniversary Edition", "The Eastland Disaster: Incompetence, Negligence, and Regulation". Also Levi Rourke, animator of the Titanic animation featured in this video and lead programmer of our upcoming virtual museum experience, "The Greyhound's Wake".


We can’t wait to see what exciting things they have  in store for us this year!  We have watched together for the past several years on Zoom and are quite excited to be able to watch together this year on the RMS Queen Mary!


It was some 10 years ago, in 2013, when Titanic historian, Tom Lynskey began a tradition of commemorating the sinking through streaming back when he was with the Titanic: Honor and Glory project. Kent, and later Tad and Bill, began to join him in these real-time anniversary livestreams in 2019 because he wanted to place the actual historians in the 'driver's seat' -- even helping to create an animation that reflects their research, to their specifications. This is thus the only real-time experience that bears the title of their work. It truly is an honor for them to be able to join Titanic enthusiasts from around the world to commemorate this 'touchstone' moment of the 20th Century.

Click link to see last years livestream:

Continue socializing at the observation bar



Monday 15th-

6:30-11 Breakfast served in the Promenade Café


10:00 Memorial service for the 1,496 Titanic victims, The lost Titan crew, and SS Titan's Joseph Ricker.







11:00 Farewell, share contact info with your fellow members, sign guest book, sign card/create video for Joseph's mother.


Image credit: Joseph Ricker

Image credit: Ken Marschall

Meet Titanic historian, Don Lynch

Walk Queen Mary's decks with Titanic historians!

111th anniversary stream

Meet Titanic background actress, Judy Prestininzi

Meet Titanic background actress, Judy Prestininzi

110th anniversary stream

Recommended books to be signed
*Click images to learn more

Judy will have limited copies with her!

Queen Mary Brunch Menu

We believe there will be copies available in the gift shop
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