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 Angelica Harris!

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Titanic The Brothers Peracchio: Two Boys and a Dream 




Titanic The Brothers Peracchio-Two Boys and a Dreamis a non-fiction historical work of author/Titanic historian Angelica Harris.

This book is a 42 year, and labor of love in search for Ms. Harris’, uncles (through marriage) Alberto and Sebastiano Peracchio, who were from Fubine, Alessandria, Italy. The brothers were crewmembers on the RMS Titanic, in the A’ la Carte Restaurant on Titanic. They worked for Luigi Gatti, who was the owner of the restaurant, and one of the White Star Line’s owners of the Titanic’s most renowned chefs of that time.


Alberto, Sebastiano, and Luigi died on Titanic, along with the other 34 staff members of the A’ la Carte Restaurant. Mr. Gatti’s remains and six others from the restaurant were found by the Mackey-Bennett Salvage ship.  Alberto and Sebastiano’s remains rest in the hull of Titanic.


This book is steeped in the history of Titanic, and Angelica’s family lineage from Italy to America, and documentation from the ship, and Titanic’s archives.


Angelica Harris traveled to Nova Scotia to present her research to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and its Senior Interpreter Richard MacMichael to present her story and her book. She also spoke to her fellow historians at the TSAC (Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada) where she met with her book designers Deanna and Neil Meister. Deanna and Neil took her on a tour of the Titanic sites as well as Mount Olivette and Fairview Lawn Cemeteries where the remains of the Titanic survivors have found rest. 

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Read The Transcript from Angelica's chat with the Book Club on January 7, 2019

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My dear friend and Executive Editor and hstorical Consultant Dee. I treasure your friendship every day! . You are my Titanic Sister! 

- Angelica Harris

My hero and author Charles Hass, who wrote "Titanic Destination Disaster"


- Angelica Harris

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