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Günter Bäbler is co-founder of the Swiss Titanic Society, which is responsible for creating this incredible Titanic Map

Their membership is free.

 "My interest in the Titanic was awakened in my childhood. As a teenager in the analog 80s, I began searching archives for information that went beyond what was in the handful of German-language books available back then. Without knowing what research meant, I did just that. To find out about contradictions, I wrote to authors of books who, to my surprise, were interested in the sources they didn't know about.

     "The story of the Titanic had not yet been written to the end, contrary to my youthful recklessness. During this time, I also began to collect mainly papers relating to the Titanic. In 1992, I was one of the co-founders of the Swiss Titanic Society.

     "Since then, I have written several books and many articles, as well as acting as a consultant and contributor to exhibitions, documentaries and other productions. Even today, I usually come across the topics I deal with by chance. If I can't find anything satisfying on a topic, I work on it and often make the results accessible to everyone."

-Günter Bäbler

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