Meet The Team!


Jill Carlier 

Team Leader, web designer & Newsletter Editor-in-chief

Leadville, Colorado


Jill  enjoys talking about Titanic related books with our 2,000 members from all around the world!  She also enjoys engaging with our many wonderful authors, who are very generous with their time and energy!

Favorite Book: Onboard RMS Titanic by George Behe


George Behe 

Founder, Consultant, Historian & Author

Grand Rapids, Michigan

George has always loved books, and the Titanic Book Club enables him to combine two of his interests by sharing his Titanic research with the club's members.


Dr. Paul Lee - Website and Calendar

(shown here with his beautiful wife, Carly)

Somewhere in England...


Paul was born in Nigeria on Halloween 1971; he has a BSc (1st class Honours) in Physics from Southampton University, and a doctorate in Nuclear Physics from the University of York.
When he's not researching the Titanic and ghosts, he's making himself go bald by tearing his hair out dealing with a decrepit computer.


Graeme Jupp - Facebook Admin

New Zealand


Graeme might have one of the most incredible Titanic book collections that we know of!

Please visit the Book of the year page to see Graeme's picks! ~~~> Book of the Year Awards


Terri Bey
Blogger & Facebook admin

Member since June 2020

Lexington, Kentucky

I am 53 and was born to older parents. My father, in particular, was born in 1904, and was nearly 8 years old when the RMS Titanic sank, so when I was about 6 or 7, and brought home one of those booklets which told the story of the sinking for kids, my dad would tell me the real story. That is how I got interested in the disaster. I have been hooked ever since. My other interests are horses, horse racing, Beethoven, the NFL, QUEEN, KISS and Tom Brady. I am originally from New Jersey and moved to Kentucky in 1998.


Favorite Titanic Books: "A Night to Remember" by Walter Lord, "On A Sea Of Glass" by Bill Wormstedt, Tad Fitch,, "Strangers on the Horizon" by Samuel Halpern