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Recreating Titanic and Her Sisters: A Visual History

Member Reviews

"Aaah, yes! After many sleepless (?) nights, my dreams have come true. My book has finally arrived! Yay! My sincerest thanks go out to Messrs Fitch, Layton, and Wormstedt. What you gentlemen have brought to us is fantastic. Now, I've only skimmed it initially, reading a bit here and there. Kudos for what I've covered, but I'll post again after the full reading; looks great so far! As usual, my first pass through is to scrutinize the pictures. Wow! Many people that I've followed all along. It's wonderful to see one of my favourite artists finally in print- Vasilije Ristovic. Stunning! Chris Walker's interior depictions are fantastic. HFX Studios for their cool renders of how the Titanic sank, with realistic lighting and marvelous views. Eugene Nesmenayov and Tatiana Yamshanova with their classic works. Tom Lynskey and Michael Brady, two internetters that I follow. Nice! The Codus brothers, too! Following their great profiles and deck plans for years. And the fine choice of William Barney, Jan Boudestein, Elang Erlangga, Ala Kermiche, Alexandre de Araújo Nunes, David Olivera, Levi Rourke, and Liam Sharpe. Some l heard of before, some I haven't. I'll remember your fantastic work from now on! And, last but not least, Derek Staines. Your craftsmanship on the Titanic's engine is spellbinding! It speaks to me on several levels. Well done to everyone! It's as fantastic as I hoped; better than I dreamed..."


-Brian MacNutt

"My copy has arrived. This one is a GEM.
So many images that evoke emotion and awe.
Great Job Tad Fich, J Kent Layton, Bill Wormstedt, and everyone involved.
What a nice book!”

-William Oakes

"I want to congratulate J Kent Layton, Tad Fitch and Bill Wormstedt on a truly wonderful new book. Extremely insightful, lovingly presented and stunning renderings from the many artists who contributed.

For anyone who has yet to obtain a copy or still considering, this is one not to miss. While the book is lavishly illustrated with countless paintings and digital renderings, do not assume the book is solely about how to illustrate the ship. While all these renderings bring the ships to life, the book can be looked upon as being two books merged into one; a visual look at the Olympic-class liners and the thoroughly interesting story of them, more so for Titanic which the authors take you on a wonderful narrated adventure that includes what you come to expect from the authors background in Titanic research and storytelling, but also much content that is new or moved over from their lesser known works that builds a bigger and, often, more in-depth picture of Titanic's first and last voyage."

-Jonathan Smith

It has finally arrived, what about this wonderful initiative. Wonderful book! I congratulate all the artists with whom I am friends on Facebook and not, who have made it possible to publish this wonderful book full of images and salary projects, Congratulations again to all of us artists and writers who after 110 years still keep alive the memory of the Ship of Dreams with our works of art 

-Federico Serrentino

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