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Dr. Jay


Carpathia: The extraordinary story of the ship that rescued the survivors of the Titanic.

by Jay Ludowyke 

In the early hours of 15 April 1912, the Cunard steamship Carpathia receives a distress call from the new White Star liner Titanic. Captain Arthur Rostron immediately turns Carpathia northwest and sails full speed through the dark night, into waters laden with icebergs, on a rescue mission that will become legendary.

Almost a century later, Carpathia's wreck has finally been located. She's over 500 feet down and only a few divers in the world can attain these depths. Among them is Englishman Ric Waring's team.

In this captivating and intensively researched story, we follow the dual narratives of Rostron and the daring rescue of the Titanic survivors by Carpathia, and of Waring's team and their dangerous determination to reach the wreck. Rich in history and drama, the true story of Carpathia from her launching to the sensational events of 1912, World War I and beyond is a compelling narrative that moves at the page-turning pace of the very best fiction.

Dr. Ludowyke spent four years researching and writing the book, Carpathia, including travelling to the UK, where she uncovered archival records that shed new light on Carpathia’s past. She also extensively interviewed the leader of the 2007 dive expedition, who features as one of the book’s characters. She has discussed Carpathia and Titanic on Australian national television and radio including ABC Conversations and Studio 10, and she has lectured at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

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