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Meet Jerry Sacher


1:  My name is Jerry Sacher, and I am the author of a Titanic fiction book titled Ocean of Secrets

2:  I’ve been interested in Titanic and her story since the age of five years old. I found a copy of A Night to Remember, the one with the Willy Stower depiction of the sinking on the front cover. I had my grandpa read it to me until I was able to finally read it myself. I think I kept that book until the cover fell off and pages came loose. Since then, I’ve read everything I can about the Titanic, and I admit that when the wreck was discovered I was at once happy and a little sad. I was thrilled that they found it, because it became real for me, but sad because it had always been the stuff of legend, harder to find than a Faberge Egg at a thrift store. 


The Titanic always surprises me, in that we’re always finding out new information, and we’re seeing deeper into the wreck than ever before, though I’m not a fan of the many conspiracy theories floating around out there. I had an argument about one of them at the museum in Branson, Missouri.


As for the artifacts themselves, I’ve seen the exhibits. In Chicago when I lived there: 18 times, once in Peoria, Illinois. Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and at the Luxor in Las Vegas. I do have a piece of coal from the Titanic and a piece of cane from a Titanic deck chair. Also, I do have a fragment of wood from a Lusitania deck chair and the remnant of a pewter bowl from the Empress of Ireland. The Titanic will always continue to fascinate me.

3: The story of the Titanic’s passengers has always been an interest to me, that’s what prompted me to write Ocean of Secrets. There are rumors of gay men on board, Archie Butt and Frank Millet, as well as a Mr. Finney and a teenager named A Gaskell come to mind, but as George Behe pointed out to me, and I respect his opinion, behavior that would peg a person as that way in 2021, was normal for a man in 1912. Anyway, I felt that there are many stories of those who sailed aboard Titanic that haven’t been told, and there are probably many that have still yet to be told, hence, Ocean of Secrets. 


4: This isn’t the first story of the Titanic I’ve written. I did a short story for school when I was 12. I told the story from the viewpoint of the Titanic herself, I titled it I Am the RMS Titanic, about how she felt, especially hitting the iceberg. My mom sent it to The Titanic Historical Society, and they were going to publish it, but alas, I was too young to understand that you must give permission to publish a story. I always wonder if it’s in the THS files somewhere waiting to be printed.


5: There’s several noted people I would love to meet in person, noted Titanic Historians, George Behe and Don Lynch, and Ken Marschall I would be honored to commission a painting by him. 


6: Beside the Titanic, history is one of my favorite subjects, and they include: The Lusitania, Empress of Ireland, World War One and Two, Tudor England, Books of all genres, and a collection of antique phonographs and records from the 1890’s through 1930 period…


Andrew Elliot, the son of a Scottish nobleman, is being sent to America, accompanied by his fiancée and her brother. But Andrew’s engagement is not a love match. His family insists that he marries to “cure” him of his feelings for the son of the caretaker on his father’s estate.

Matthew Ahearn leaves Ireland to pursue his dream of becoming a Texas cowboy. In London, a brush with the law almost derails his plans, but Matthew perseveres and lands a job as a third-class steward on a ship bound for America.

Andrew’s and Matthew’s worlds collide as they—and their secrets—are brought together in the magic of an ocean voyage, one that will never be forgotten.

The year is 1912, and they are about to board RMS Titanic….

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