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"Titanic: The Homecoming: Tales from the "Lapland" by Dr. Paul Lee

by Terri Bey

I recently finished "Titanic: The Homecoming: Tales from the "Lapland" by Dr. Paul Lee. This book is about the majority of surviving crew members traveling on the SS Lapland on April 28, 1912, two weeks after the Titanic disaster, hoping to see their families and friends. When the ship got to Plymouth, England, officials from the British Board of Trade threatened to delay the crew and keep them in Plymouth so that statements could be obtained for the British Inquiry, even though in New York, these same crew members had to keep quiet, per the White Star Line. Interference by their union played a role in releasing them. The book also features countless surviving crew accounts of their experiences on the Titanic with interviews written statements, and news articles that were once lost, but are reconstructed. The forward is written by Titanic expert and author George Behe.

"Titanic: The Homecoming: Tales from the "Lapland" by Dr. Paul Lee is one of the best Titanic-related books I have read. I could not put it down, once I started reading it. Dr. Paul Lee's way of telling the story of the experiences of the crew's ordeal at Plymouth and their meeting with their worried relatives is very compelling. The reader can empathize with the crew, at least I did when I read the book. I could relate to those crew members who just wanted to be with their families after experiencing the worst sea disaster, only to find that they might be held up to give statements to the British Inquiry.

Reading all those different crew accounts of what happened during the sinking was very fascinating. What I liked was that these accounts via newspaper articles, interviews, etc., came from all different perspectives. Some say the Titanic broke into two pieces. Some said she broke into three pieces. Of course, the reader needs to be very careful when reading these accounts, because there are inaccuracies. I would advise the reader to read the footnotes when reading these crew recollections, as the author thoroughly explains certain items, especially inaccuracies.

I recommend "Titanic: The Homecoming: Tales from the "Lapland" by Dr. Paul Lee, because it is a compelling and engaging book about the crew of the ill-fated Titanic.

Many authors write about the disaster, passengers, etc. What is particularly appealing about this book is the discussion of the surviving crew and their post-Titanic lives. This wonderful book is for just about every Titanic Enthusiast.

You can purchase "Titanic: The Homecoming: Tales from the "Lapland" by Dr. Paul Lee here: Titanic: The Homecoming: Tales From The Lapland, Lee, Paul, Behe, George, eBook -

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