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April 10, 1912- RMS Titanic Leaves Southampton for Start of Maiden Voyage

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

by Terri Bey

At about 12:20pm, the brand new White Star Liner, RMS Titanic leaves its Southampton docks for its maiden voyage. Before it leaves, there was a final inspection of the lifeboats and some straggling stokers, who stayed too long at a nearby pub, called The Grapes, were turned away as the gangway plank was being pulled away.

There was a near-calamity, when the huge Titanic nearly collided with the S.S. New York, when thanks to the Titanic's draft, the New York breaks from its docks and veers towards the new liner, but thanks to some quick work by the tugs, disaster is averted.

The RMS Titanic arrives later this evening to Cherbourg, France, where passengers, such as Molly Brown and the Astors board.

Titanic-Related Media:

Documentary Recommendation: "Inside the Titanic"

This is one of my favorite documentaries. It shows the disaster, but it also shows what is going on inside the ship as far as what the water is doing and where the water is at different points in the sinking. This documentary concentrates on several passengers and how they fight against the sea.

Highly recommended.

Note: This particular video repeats some of it, so stop when it actually ends.

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