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April 15, 1912- RMS Titanic Sinks and RMS Carpathia Picks Up Survivors

by Terri Bey

April 15, 1912- The RMS Titanic slips beneath the waves at 2:20 AM, two and a half hours after striking an iceberg. After the liner goes under, for about twenty minutes, those in the lifeboats hear the screams and cries of those struggling in the water. Sadly, 1496 souls perish due to hypothermia. Many of the 712 survivors are haunted for the rest of their lives by not just the screams, but the silence that came after the screams had stopped.

In the boats, there were debates as to whether to go back to pick up those in the water. Only one boat, lead by Fifth Officer Harold Lowe, would go back. There was a huge commotion in Boat 6, concerning whether to go back. First Class passenger Margaret "Molly" Brown got into a dispute with Quarter Master Robert Hichens, who was at the Wheel when the ship struck the iceberg. Brown said they should go back as there was room for more, and Hichens spoke to her in a rather uncouth manner. Brown threatened to "thrown him overboard." Hichens said later, "There plenty of other lifeboats." "Why did she have to step into mine?"

At 3:50 AM, the RMS Carpathia arrives to pick up survivors. The ship, commanded by Captain Aurthur Henry Rostron, who was later knighted, notices a signal sent by Titanic Fifth Officer Harold Lowe and steams to the area. When all of the 712 survivors are on board, including White Star Chairman J. Bruce Ismay, the Carpathia leaves for New York at about 8:30 AM. The RMS Olympic wires in, and asked whether she could take the survivors to New York, but since she was a near twin of her sister who had just sunk, Ismay and Rostron agreed that it would not be a good idea. Ismay also messages the White Star Line office in New York and tells them that the Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg and will send the details later.

A great deleted scene with the RMS Carpathia.

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This is the day I get most emotional, your post has started me off again. May they all rest in peace x

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