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Benedict Rome's Titanic Book Reviews (Shadow of the Titanic by Andrew Wilson)

Benedict Rome's Titanic Book Reviews! Hello fellow Titaniacs! Today I wanna show you My First Book Review about this Titanic book named "Shadow of the Titanic : The Extraordinary Stories of Those who survived" by Andrew Wilson. I love this book because it told me the stories of the passengers who survived the sinking of the Titanic. It brings to life the survivors’ colorful voices, from the famous, like heiress Madeleine Astor, to the lesser known second-and third-class passengers, such as the Navratil brothers, who were traveling under assumed names because they were being abducted by their father. Because of this book, I saw passengers' stories even they're not famous or familiar to us. Hope you all like it! See you next week, here in Benedict Rome's Titanic Book Reviews!

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Terri Bey
Terri Bey
Mar 18, 2021

Great job.

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