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Titanic Events for April 18-19, 1912

by Terri Bey

April 18, 1912- The RMS Carpathia arrives in New York City with the 712 Titanic survivors along with her own passengers. At about 8:50 pm, the Carpathia drops off the RMS Titanic's lifeboats that the Carpathia had on board at Pier 59, the very pier Titanic would have arrived at, had the disaster not occurred. The RMS Carpathia then travels to Pier 54, the pier for Cunard, and sails right by a ship with reporters shouting questions to the Titanic survivors on the Carpathia. At 9:25 pm, the 712 Titanic survivors disembark the Carpathia in front of hundreds of people, who were shocked to see that only about one-third of the RMS Titanic passengers survived. Reporters started interviewing survivors. High-ranking officials like White Star Chairman J. Bruce Ismay were given subpoenas to appear before the United States Inquiry in New York.

The Titanic's Lifeboats at Pier 59. What is left of the great liner. Photo: Getty Images.

April 19, 1912- The United States Inquiry into the sinking of the RMS Titanic begins at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, which ironically was owned by RMS Titanic First Class passenger Colonel John Jacob Astor, who died in the sinking. Later on, the hotel was demolished and moved to a new site. The Empire State Building now stands where the famous hotel once stood. United States Senator William Alden Smith (R-MI) leads the Inquiry, which eventually does move to Washington, D.C., and lasts until May 25th.

The first witness of the Inquiry was Chairman J. Bruce Ismay. One highlight from his testimony is that he "did not see her [the Titanic] go down. Other witnesses were the Titanic's surviving officers, such as Second Officer Charles Lightoller, the highest-ranking officer to survive the sinking. Fifth Officer Harold Lowe was the lowest of the Titanic officers to survive as unfortunately, Sixth Officer James Moody did not survive. Also testifying were the two lookouts, Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee, Quartermaster Robert Hichens, who was at the Wheel on that fateful night, and many others.

First Day of the U.S. Inquiry into the Sinking of the RMS Titanic.

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