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Titanic Events for April 2, 1912

by Terri Bey

The Titanic leaves Queens Island and begins her sea trials to prove her seaworthiness. She is accompanied by several tugs up the Victoria Channel into the Irish Sea. The Titanic goes through all sorts of tests over twelve hours. She has to travel at various speeds. She has to make turns. Titanic also has to make an emergency stop where her engines were put in a full ahead and full astern. She came to a stop at 850 yards. Titanic took 3 minutes and 15 seconds to stop. Her Marconi wireless was tested as well as her compasses were adjusted.

Titanic returns to Belfast at 6:30pm and Francis Carruthers of the British Board of Trade awards her a certificate for one year. Titanic has passed her sea trials and leaves for Southampton at 8pm for her maiden voyage.

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Documentary Recommendation: "Waking the Titanic: The Tragic Story of the Irish Emigrants"

This is a documentary that can be found on YouTube, which is about the Addergoole 14, a group of fourteen Irish emigrants from the parish of Addergoole in the village of Lahadane in Mayo, County, Ireland who traveled together in Third Class on the RMS Titanic. Only three survived. It is a heartbreaking story. Here are these young people looking for a new life in America and eleven of them die on a ship that was supposed to be "unsinkable."

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