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Why I Would Travel Second Class on the RMS Titanic

by Terri Bey

I have seen most films about the RMS Titanic, and I was watching James Cameron's Oscar-winning film, "Titanic" (1997) last night and one thought came into my mind. What if I were able to be teleported back in time when tickets were offered for sale on the brand new liner? I would have loved to have had a chance to buy tickets.

Let's also suppose I was able to buy a ticket to any cabin on the ship. The RMS Titanic had three options for me to choose from. I could imagine sitting in the First Class Saloon with a fancy dress at dinner with at the Captain's Table with Captain Edward J. Smith. The Second Class accommodations wouldn't be bad, as it was better than First Class on many other ships. Third Class/Steerage was pretty much "no frills."

Even though I do realize that the disaster will befall the liner along with the passengers and crew and I realize that I may or may not survive, if I could go back in time and was given a chance to travel on the RMS Titanic, and was able to afford a cabin anywhere on the ship, I would have picked a cabin in Second Class. The main reason I would have traveled in Second Class is that it was just comfortable for me.

I am not what one would call, "high-maintenance." I am not one of those people who needs people to look after me hand and foot. I like plain things. I would have been miserable in First Class because I would have had to dress for just about every meal. I would have had to have a ton of baggage. I also would have needed a maid to help me get dressed and all of that. I would have to participate in these boring conversations about who-knows-what in the First Class Dining Saloon or the Ritz A la Carte Restaurant, as well, and that would be dreadful.

I will admit that being in the same part of the grandest ship in the world with high-powered folks such as Colonel John Jacob Astor, Isidor Strauss, George D. Widener, and their respective wives would have been pretty awesome. I do admit that I love the Cafe Parisienne, too. There are great opportunities to listen to great music played by the Titanic Band, but I don't feel like dressing up. First Class is cool and all, but too much work for me.

Third Class, or Steerage accommodations were primarily for immigrants looking to go to the New World. There were only two baths for the entire Third Class. You had to sign up to use it. That didn't sound appealing. I would have been subjected to the noise of the engines and I can't stand noise, especially while I am sleeping. The food would have been good, and if I wanted entertainment, I could have watched other passengers make their own music by playing a violin and playing a piano and dancing. That would have been fun.

However, I would have sailed on the RMS Titanic in Second Class. The cabins did not have private bathrooms, but there were sinks and mirrors in each cabin. I also appreciated that the linens were changed every day. I wouldn't have minded sharing the cabin with other women and the other communal services.

Just like in First Class, there was a library, a smoking room, a barbershop, a dining saloon, and a promenade area, except they weren't as ornate. I would have been fine with that. I would not have cared about all the fancy things. I would have wanted to take a trip from Southampton to New York City on the RMS Titanic in a decent level of comfort, a trip that sadly would not have been completed.

I hope you enjoyed my blog. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

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