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April 11, 1912- RMS Titanic Arrives at Queenstown, Ireland and then to New York

by Terri Bey

In the early morning hours of April 11, 2012, the RMS Titanic arrives at Queenstown, Ireland, now Cobh, Ireland, to drop off passengers and to pick up the last of her remaining passengers for her maiden voyage. Several passengers disembark the giant liner, most notably, Father Francis Browne, who had taken many photos of the new liner. Father Browne was invited by a passenger to continue to New York, but Browne was forbidden by his superior, who messaged him, saying, "GET OFF THAT SHIP!!" I don't know if it were an "act of God," but thankfully, Father Browne did leave the ship, or we would have a very small amount of photos of the great liner while she was alive.

Queenstown native Fireman John Coffee abandoned the ship by hiding under the bags in one of the tugs, due to homesickness. The rest of the passengers boarded the great liner via tenders, as the water near the docks was too shallow for the Titanic. Many of these passengers were Irish Immigrants who wanted to go to the New World for a better life, most notably, the Addergoogle 14.

The RMS Titanic, with 2,208 people on board, including both passengers and crew, leaves Queenstown later that day for her destination, New York City, a destination she will never reach.

RMS Titanic leaving for the open seas. Photo: Fr. Francis Browne

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Titanic Movie Recommendation:

"S.O.S. Titanic" (1979) Director: William Hale Starring: David Jansen, Cloris Leachman, David Warner, Susan Saint James, Ian Holm

This film is a re-enactment of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The story revolves around the let's say friendly relationship between two Second Class passengers Lawrence Beesley (David Warner) and a fictitious character named Leight Goodwin (Susan Saint James) and the relationship between Colonel John Jacob Astor (David Jansen) and his wife Madeleine (Beverly Ross).

Overall, I like this film. I thought the acting was pretty decent, and the sinking re-enactment was done well, with a little assistance from scenes from "A Night to Remember. (`958)" "S.O.S Titanic" is in color, so it was weird seeing the black and white scenes in "A Night to Remember" scenes in color. I thought Ian Holm as J. Bruce Ismay, did a really good job and was the acting standout.

A movie tidbit: David Warner, who plays Lawrence Beesley, also played the evil Spicer Lovejoy in the James Cameron film, "Titanic" (1997).

Another highlight of the film is the scenes with the Cunard RMS Carpathia and what is happening on that ship as she comes to Titanic's aid.

I generally liked this film and I recommend it. It can be found on Amazon Prime and on Amazon if you want to check it out.

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