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Review of "Carpathia" by Jay Ludowyke

By Terri Bey

I read Jay Ludowyke's book, "Carpathia," about the RMS Carpathia, the Cunard liner which answered the distressed call of the RMS Titanic. Ludowyke writes about the history of the RMS Carpathia and her rescue of the 705 Titanic survivors. Ludowyke also discusses the German U-boat 55's torpedoing of the Carpathia during WWI. Also discussed are the dives to Carpathia's wreck site.

Overall, this is a very good book. Ludowyke describes each aspect of, for the lack of a better word,, the life of the RMS Carpathia in great detail. The reader comes away with a feeling as if they were on the Carpathia. I thought the part where the Carpathia went to the aid of the stricken Titanic to be especially intense. I also was impressed with Ludowyke's meticulous description of the behavior of both the Titanic survivors and the passengers on the Carpathia after the Titanic's survivors were on board the Carpathia, and were headed to New York.

There were a couple things that I thought hurt the book. Ludowyke kept calling the Carpathia, "Thia." I didn't like that much. I also didn't like how she kept flashing back from events 1912 to 2007, when the diving was going on. It also would have been great, had the author, when talking about people in the book, would address them by their last names, so the reader doesn't have to struggle to remember who the author is referring.

However, this is overall, a very good book, and I highly recommend it for Titanic enthusiasts.

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