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Titanic Month Starts Today

by Terri Bey

Today is April 1st. No, my blog is NOT an April Fool's Joke. Today starts what we Titanic Enthusiasts call "Titanic Month." Titanic Enthusiasts discuss all things related to the RMS Titanic. We discuss events leading up to the liners maiden voyage, events during the voyage and sadly, the tragic sinking of the great liner.

In my blog, I will be posting a daily update for Titanic Month. Besides discussing the daily events, I will also make a daily recommendation of either a book, movie or documentary about the RMS Titanic, under the title of "Related Titanic Media." Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Titanic Event for March 31, 1912:

Today was Captain Herbert Haddock's final day as Captain before he handed command over to Captain Edward. Smith the following day.

Titanic Event for April 1, 1912:

Captain Herbert Haddock hands over command of the Titanic to Captain Edward J. Smith. The Titanic was scheduled to have its Sea Trials today, but it was postponed to the following day because of bad weather.

Related Titanic Media:

Book Recommendation: "A Night to Remember" (1955) by Walter Lord

Even though we know much more about what happened on that horrible April night, the Walter Lord classic still holds up. It is a great minute by minute account of the sinking of the greatest ocean liner of her day, based on survivor accounts.

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